Assembly Jig (UCI)

engineering and biomechanics in cycling

The geometric limits of bikes and time trial bikes are set by the UCI for reasons of equal opportunities. A limit gauge is used to check the dimensions of the bike.

Due to the need to comply with these dimensions when designing the bike and as a basis for the seat position we have developed a calibrated measuring station (assembly jig). The seat position can be taken and adjusted with and without the bike. The bike can also be mounted on an assembly stand specially developed for this . All relevant dimensions are recorded using optical measuring technology and compared with the UCI limits. Changes to the position, components or geometry of the wheels are also visible. Geometric changes such as saddle, stem and handlebars can be reproduced and compared using overlay technology (superposition). Likewise, different seat positions on different bikes can be compared with each other. Thanks to the measurement technology in the image, all geometric states can be archived or later restored as a file at another location. With the help of this universal measuring station it is possible to transfer a seat position determined in January in Europe to a bike during the Tour of California a year later although neither the bike nor the equipment have to be identical.