engineering and biomechanics in cycling

"Aerodynamics cost me the Tour de France" (Laurent Fignon 1989)

1989 Laurent Fignon lost the Tour de France against Greg LeMond by 8 seconds. In other words: he lacked after 3285.3 kilometers 83.3 meters to win. Both riders were equally during the 3-week tour. The difference during the race accounts at no time more than a minute. Fignon led the classement with 50 seconds before the final time trial. Greg LeMond transformed this residue in 8 seconds ahead. Presumably because he used an aerodynamic advantage..


If technology offered by manufacturers on the market is not effective, we develop it further. With the help of CAD and additive manufacturing solutions can be implemented that offer our customers exclusive advantages. This will get you to your destination faster and safer...


Since the work done in sport is always a product of a force and its corresponding distance, the search for the optimization of this relationship focuses on its effects and losses. The human-machine system determines the effects when pedaling and their reaction forces depending on the individual anatomy. We are interested in kinematics and kinetics...


In order to offer the best performance we use the latest electronics and IoT technologies. Taking Formula 1 as a role model we are looking for intelligent technology to support maximum possible performance on the bike...