engineering and biomechanics in cycling

"They`ll use technology that we`re all going to look at and go. Woah, I never saw that before." (Lance Armstrong, Sky`s The Limit)

It is always the combination of know-how and innovative products that means a 'marginal gain' at the associated advantage.
But marginal gains have become indispensable in the world of top cycling.
Ever since I started cycling in 1980 I've been thinking about improvements. This is how the first seat position gauge came about. To install my first  LOOK PP65 pedals I had to wound myself stronger springs not to slip out during sprinting. I processed my first motion data with the SIMI software by MS DOS and Windows 3.11.

The aim was and is always to optimize the interface between cyclist and bike in order to achieve a permitted technical advantage. Driven by this motivation we are constantly looking for new technologies to measure foot forces, unravel the hidden mechanisms of muscle contraction and find affordable methods that help athletes increase their biomechanical output.